Behind the Lens

ABOUT me (and Liv)

Photographer & videographer but mostly dog mom and believer.

I get a little dopamine hit from splurging on the well branded groceries. Foxtrot is of heaven.

attractive Groceries

A bridesmaid I’d worked with before told the other bridesmaids “And Lizzie’s got great jokes for later!” I consider that a key part of my identity now. 

Thing I've overheard at a wedding


Black almond coffee or Trader Joe's cold brew (try it and thank me later), windows open, Liv at my feet.

Work from home conditions


I have a mini goldendoodle named Liv. We’re working on rolling over, and she can do it almost the majority of the time. (I’ll let you decide if that belongs on my website).

angel dog


Florence, Italy and Versaille, France. And domestically I'm always up for a New York weekend. FINE, I'll shoot your wedding there! 

Places I've been



I get Starbucks and play my wedding pregame playlist before every wedding. Spotify still doesn't get it's a "pregaming-love in all professionalism and reverence" kind of situation. 

wedding pregame


my favorite things:

enough about me. Let's talk about you!

Does this sound like you? Inquire with me.

My clients are lovers of authentic beauty and joy as it comes. They celebrate often, laugh easy, and value remembering all good things.


I try to keep Europe and Liv in the top part of the grid. Feel free to hold me accountable.


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