Abby + Cole


May 22, 2020


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Hi there! Welcome to the blog, where emotion & beauty meet visuals though words. Stay a while and look around!

Hi, I'm Lizzie


On a stormy Saturday, mid-pandemic, I walked into the bridal suite of One Preston to meet a joyful bride anticipating the start of her marriage. She was surrounded by their very closest friends and family, supportive parents, and an excited groom. She looked beautiful first in her pajamas, and then in a white lacy wedding gown. Her bridesmaids giggled and screamed when they saw her walk out dressed for the first time, and a little later she walked down the aisle to meet her teary eyed groom. It turns out circumstance can’t contest the occasion of starting the rest of forever with love and celebration.

Positive, supportive, and gracious people make a wedding day, and despite the numbers being smaller, there was no shortage on Abby and Cole’s day. I think that’s the main reason everything was about the best case scenario under such challenging circumstances like inclement weather and global pandemic.

There was an 80% chance of thunderstorms almost all day on Saturday. I always tell people not to worry about the weather, because, however it turns out, it’s just charming because it’s your wedding day. Nostalgic is just sweet.

And I stand by that! At the same time, nonstop thunder and lightning had me a little…attentive to the forecast. I prayed and prayed (and asked everyone I knew to join me) that we’d just be able to shoot some portraits outside. Abby and Cole were so serene and flexible that I know their portraits could have been great inside too, but my prayers were answered with “Yes,” and I am so thankful!

After the ceremony and the dancing had begun (and I’d already shed a tear during YMCA – I can only take so much fun and dancing without some light tearshed – embarrassing), a tunnel was formed as everyone on the floor freestyled down the middle in a scene reminiscent of Jim & Pam’s wedding on The Office; toward the end people started coordinating the same moves. It all felt natural, fun, and intimate. Like a party with all your best friends or a really good dream. How sweet that unimaginable circumstances ended up looking like a dream?

Corona’s caused such impossible decisions for all the brides and grooms of this season. Backyard weddings, indefinite postponements, and everything in between are a new normal. The one consistency is that it’s different than planned. I’m so thankful Abby and Cole chose to take their date with all its  surprises and get married anyway. I’m thankful everyone else is making choices that are right for them too. Nostalgic is just sweet.


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Welcome to the blog, where emotion & beauty meet visuals though words. Stay a while and look around!

Hi, I'm Lizzie