Hailey + Garrett


July 2, 2020


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Hi there! Welcome to the blog, where emotion & beauty meet visuals though words. Stay a while and look around!

Hi, I'm Lizzie


Hailey said it best: “Murder hornets, Saharan Desert dust, and even 15 mph winds couldn’t stop us from having the most perfect wedding.”

And she was right. They had the most perfect day. It was uniquely theirs with tons of charm in all the wind & dust that now belongs to their wedding day story.

I slipped Garrett’s Crocs in a few detail photos by special request when he caught me shooting Hailey’s heels at the beginning of the day (which makes an excellent addition to the gallery – good call, Garrett). When I asked him how he was feeling he said he was just excited. And I think that really set the tone for what the whole day would be; both of them knew no wedding day jitters and were all but glowing from the thrill of marrying their best friend (and then having the best party after!).

Tiffany ring box, purple Garrett-faced socks, pink & maroon florals, American flag Crocs. Everything from Hailey’s jewelry to their vintage getaway car was the perfect mix of classy and so fun. As always, RK Weddings did the best job ensuring the day would be everything the couple wanted and more. I get so excited to be on their team.

This is one of those weddings I’m so glad I was there to capture photo and video, because they hosted the best crowd and laughed from beginning to end. I’m elated there’s even more to see than these highlights below.

Hailey & Garrett, thank you so much for letting me capture your day. It was an absolute joy, and I’m enthusiastically looking forward to all the time I’ll spend editing the video. Y’all are my heroes.

   Hailey + Garrett-188.jpgBridals-94.jpgHailey + Garrett-119.jpgHailey + Garrett-13.jpgHailey + Garrett-47.jpgHailey + Garrett-18.jpgHailey + Garrett-193.jpgHailey + Garrett-2.jpgHailey + Garrett-195.jpgHailey + Garrett-20.jpgHailey + Garrett-23.jpgHailey + Garrett-26.jpgHailey+%2B+Garrett-14.jpgBridals-96.jpgHailey + Garrett-84.jpgHailey + Garrett-117.jpgHailey + Garrett-190.jpgHailey + Garrett-28.jpgBridals-54.jpgHailey + Garrett-17.jpgHailey + Garrett-5.jpgHailey + Garrett-12.jpgBridals-181.jpgHailey + Garrett-25.jpgHailey + Garrett-4.jpgBridals-152.jpgHailey + Garrett-98.jpgHailey + Garrett-53.jpgHailey + Garrett-167.jpgHailey + Garrett-75.jpgHailey + Garrett-74.jpgHailey + Garrett-48.jpgBridals-160.jpgHailey + Garrett-52.jpgHailey + Garrett-198.jpgHailey + Garrett-43.jpgHailey + Garrett-46.jpgHailey + Garrett-19.jpgHailey + Garrett-70.jpgHailey + Garrett-27.jpgHailey + Garrett-29.jpgHailey + Garrett-30.jpgBridals-90.jpgHailey + Garrett-50.jpgHailey + Garrett-9.jpgBridals-154.jpgHailey + Garrett-81.jpgHailey + Garrett-99.jpgHailey + Garrett-199.jpgHailey + Garrett-51.jpgHailey + Garrett-173.jpgHailey + Garrett-192.jpgHailey + Garrett-62.jpgHailey + Garrett-102.jpgHailey + Garrett-55.jpgHailey + Garrett-54.jpgHailey + Garrett-56.jpgHailey + Garrett-187.jpgHailey + Garrett-58.jpgHailey + Garrett-59.jpgHailey + Garrett-170.jpgHailey + Garrett-61.jpgHailey + Garrett-204.jpgHailey + Garrett-203.jpgHailey + Garrett-182.jpgHailey + Garrett-189.jpgHailey + Garrett-82.jpgHailey + Garrett-205.jpgHailey + Garrett-63.jpgHailey + Garrett-200.jpgHailey + Garrett-119.jpgHailey + Garrett-64.jpgHailey + Garrett-65.jpgHailey + Garrett-68.jpgHailey + Garrett-67.jpgHailey + Garrett-199.jpgHailey + Garrett-105.jpgHailey + Garrett-202.jpgHailey + Garrett-100.jpgHailey + Garrett-111.jpgHailey + Garrett-118.jpgHailey + Garrett-142.jpgHailey + Garrett-112.jpgHailey + Garrett-131.jpgHailey + Garrett-115.jpgHailey + Garrett-146.jpgHailey + Garrett-125.jpgHailey + Garrett-139.jpgHailey + Garrett-210.jpgHailey + Garrett-137.jpgHailey + Garrett-212.jpgHailey + Garrett-164.jpgHailey + Garrett-161.jpgHailey + Garrett-165.jpgVenue: Chapel Creek Ranch Beauty: Erin Blair Cakes: The Jenny Layne Bakery Catering: Patriotic Pig DJ: LB Moore from Le Force Entertainment Florals: Pick a Daisy Floral Design Linens: 5 Star Rentals Officiant: Matthew DeBlanc with Hire A Minister Photo + Video: Lizzie Christine Allen Planning: Deborah Shaddox with RK Weddings & Events Rentals: Unique Dallas Special Events Security: Elite Security & Staffing Transportation: DFW Vintage Cars

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Welcome to the blog, where emotion & beauty meet visuals though words. Stay a while and look around!

Hi, I'm Lizzie