Lauren & Web at Texas Discovery Gardens


October 15, 2021


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Hi there! Welcome to the blog, where emotion & beauty meet visuals though words. Stay a while and look around!

Hi, I'm Lizzie


Two postponements, a new home, a puppy, and a pandemic later, Lauren and Web are married. 

This bride & groom both began their vows listing all the craziness that had ensued during their season of engagement, literally word for word the same. An unintentional match and funny surprise. A mark of compatibility and shared humor. When as much has happened during a relatively short amount of time as their engagement, how can you not highlight it? 

I met Lauren in the fall of 2019. I knew right away what an excellent planner she was and how well she would care for all the details of her wedding. Of course, no one could have anticipated COVID’s effect on 2020 brides though, and plans changed. 

Lauren & Web both cared deeply about making their wedding day as safe as possible for their friends and family. They wanted it to be a place people could really celebrate, and that was such a tricky thing to do for over a year. As difficult as their decision was, they compassionately postponed not once but twice. 

A longer wait means more anticipation though, and their wedding day was truly wonderful. Seeing these images of a wedding day finally come to fruition is so special.

Their sweet puppy joined us for portraits, practically attached at the hip to Lauren. Their rockstar planner made sure everything flowed seamlessly both before and during the wedding. And the venue was beautiful, full of summer just drifting away. The garden wore the season wonderfully, they found the perfect florist to fulfill their floral dreams.

Lauren and Web, I’m so happy to see you married, celebrated, and finally able to travel again for the honeymoon. I respect your patience, responsibility, and compassionately motivated choices in anticipation for your wedding day more than I can say. Cheering for the two of you (and Cami!) always.

Venue: Texas Discovery Gardens @TexasDiscoveryGardens
Coordinator:   Lovebird Lane Events @Lovebird_Lane_Events
Catering: Two Sisters Catering  @cateringtwosisters
Dessert: Jessica’s Bake Shop @loveatfirstcookie
Hair and Makeup: Jessica Zak @JessicaZakTX
DJ: Le Force, Michael Collins @leforcedj @maycloudmusic
Photography and Videography: Lizzie Christine Allen @Lizziechristineallen
Florist: En Fleur @EnFleurDallas
Photo Booth: Le Force, @leforcepro

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Welcome to the blog, where emotion & beauty meet visuals though words. Stay a while and look around!

Hi, I'm Lizzie