Natalie + Collin’s Hill Country Wedding


June 3, 2021


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Hi there! Welcome to the blog, where emotion & beauty meet visuals though words. Stay a while and look around!

Hi, I'm Lizzie


Pink, bright, and beautiful – this day was filled with all kinds of light. The cheerful color scheme for Natalie & Collin’s day fit absolutely perfectly with their sweetness and joy.

About a month before this wedding day, we shot Natalie’s bridals. We were joined by both her mom and dad. I often get to know moms during these sessions, but Natalie being accompanied by both her parents was a rare treat. She helped with the flowers and kept an eye on her hair. He held the reflector. And I felt spoiled with all the extra hands.

They’d travelled to Dallas to shoot, so Natalie dressed in a Whole Foods before exiting, looking like a princess at the grocery store. When we put “First look with Dad” on the timeline, I had little expectation for a big reaction since he’d already seen Natalie in all her bridal glory. I couldn’t have been more wrong – those were some of the sweetest moments from the whole day. The bride giggled and waited out the tears before pulling both parents in for a hug and a few last private moments together.

(I may have shed a tear or two as well, who’s to say).

All the first look goodness didn’t stop there. Collin got to see his stunning bride for the very first time before the ceremony too. My favorite part of first looks with brides & grooms is how you can see in their eyes that they know what they’re gaining. Natalie & Collin’s first look was no exception. They read their personal vows to one another as I shot through the trees behind them.

During the reception, my second shooter mentioned to me “Natalie just has so much poise.” I said “Oh my gosh, that’s it!” I couldn’t have thought of a better word. She moves with so much grace and poise, characteristic of a beautiful bride (and also major contributors to Natalie looking like an actual princess on her wedding day).

By the end of the night I was so sad to say goodbye to this sweet, kind, and joyful couple. In all these images as I’ve been editing I can’t help but smile back. Natalie & Collin, thank you for letting me serve and celebrate you on your wedding day. You, your friends, and your families were the very best company to celebrate something so good – the start of your marriage. So so happy for you, Masks!

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Welcome to the blog, where emotion & beauty meet visuals though words. Stay a while and look around!

Hi, I'm Lizzie